The History

SCTV, which stands for Student Cable Television, is an organization and council comprised of representatives from several media organizations on the UCSC campus.

Our mission and purpose is to unite the film and television production organizations of the Student Media Center under the goal of benefiting, improving and maintaining operations/membership.

The responsibility to uphold these guidelines falls upon the governing members of this organization. Our organization is dedicated to offering creative and educational endeavors that will be guided by journalistic integrity, artistic intent, educational motives and objective entertainment.

SCTV began in 2003 as an organization whose initial mission was to be a training ground for students interested in film and television production and to provide the campus with content in the “public interest.”

SCTV grew quickly, creating many opportunities for students to get involved in film and television production. SCTV has historically offered several paid employment positions for qualified students as well as two and five unit courses. SCTV underwent a transformation in 2009, resulting in a new focus and mission. Since then, SCTV has evolved into more of a collaborative endeavor between all Student Media broadcast organizations. We now offer other resources such as workshops and advanced trainings for members, as well as an introduction to production course, SCTV 101. The course is offered to new members of our organizations for two units of academic credit. SCTV also includes two non-governing departments, the Program Review Committee and Spotlight Promotions.

SCTV is a non-exclusive entity of Student Media that is dedicated to helping promote and protect the student voice.

Those participating in SCTV will not be subjected to discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, race, culture, religion, class, etc. It is our duty to offer support for any individual member or organization that is housed under SCTV and to discourage any animosity and/or competition between participating organizations. SCTV is not an organization that is content production based. However, the content produced by departments of SCTV will abide by the Program Review Committee Guidelines and FCC copyright regulations. The views reflected in SCTV do not express the views of the student body, faculty, or administration at UCSC, only those directly involved in the participating factors of SCTV.

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