Equipment Team

Likha Pulido

Assistant Equipment Manager

Likha is a first year Computer Engineering major with a minor in Computer Science. After being curious about film for many years, they joined FPC during their first quarter at UCSC. After having a great experience, they joined the equipment team in Winter 2022. They are now a member of FPC and OTS. Likha is looking forward to experiencing and learning more about film through their involvement in student media. In their free time, they like to draw, listen to and make music, and play videogames.

Carter Samuels

Assistant Equipment Manager

Carter is a second year film major. He has been involved with SCTV and Student Media since his first quarter at UCSC. Always looking for the next creative project to attach himself to, Carter has been a part of an FPC and/or OTS production every quarter since coming to UCSC. Carter is working to become both a writer and director, and spends a lot of his time writing, skateboarding, listening to old funk music, and creating art.

Chris Kercheval

Assistant Equipment Manager

Chris is a third-year Film and Digital Media Major. He is currently a producer and co-outreach coordinator for the Film Production Coalition. Chris plays on the club soccer team and is a leader on and off the field. When he isn’t playing soccer or hanging out at the beach, he is making tiktoks, praying he becomes tiktok famous. Ultimately he wants to make an impact at UCSC and help young filmmakers realize their talents and accomplish their goals.